How To Spot A Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bags are popular and expensive. They are well crafted, made with the best materials, and if taken care of, they can virtually last forever. Sac de Jours also hold their value well, so selling them in a few years after they are back in style can turn in quite a profit. However, there are several replicas available on the market and a fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag is something that you should consider to get if you don’t have the budget to buy an original one. They are a good investment if you know what to pay attention at so that you get the best replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag. Here are a few tips on how to spot a fake Saint Laurent that you might want to keep in handy the next time you think of purchasing a bag.

Have you just bought a replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag?

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag - How To Spot It?

Replicas these days are made with so much precision that they are not as easy to spot as they were at one point in time. Some bags are so well made that, even if they did not try to imitate the original, they would end up being good bags. It is bags of this caliber that you really need to look out for. Some bags never give away their status as a replica as soon as you’d think or expect. Unless you want to buy a poorly made replica, here are a few pointers that would help you choose the right bag.

How to spot a fake Saint Laurent

1. Price

It is the first and most obvious tell. There is no way you are getting a genuine Saint Laurent at low prices. Even at around $300 or $400, that is pretty unbelievable. Luxury items just do not drop to such levels. So, if you spot a bag that costs way less than it should, turn on your suspicions.

2. Serial Number

The original Sac de Jour will have a serial number embossed on a strip of leather and stitched on to the interior pocket or on the inside of the interior panel. Either way, it will be there, so look for it and verify it in two ways. First, you need to check the authenticity certificate that a replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag will not have. Also, go to the official site,, and verify it there. All their serials will be present and you can cross reference them with the model.

3. Interior Label

There will be an interior label that is just as well made as the one on the outside. It is a metallic, foil-printed label that reads Saint Laurent Paris. And nothing more.

4. Tabs, Zippers, Locks

Some fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag will mess up the hardware that comes with a genuine one. The tabs should snap and open like an accordion, the central zipper should have a bend and be metallic, the interior pocket will have a leather embossed tab, the keys and locks must be branded as well. All the leather must match with the rest of the bag. Even if one of these pointers are missing, you are more likely than not holding a bad replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag.

5. Calfskin

Duplicate materials can never match the look, feel, and the smell of calfskin. The lining should be ultra-suede and the raw seams will be coated in glossy wax.

To avoid all this unpleasantness, buy only from reliable sources. If you must buy online, make sure the site you are buying from is known for their fine crafted products.

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