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We do not really talk much about the Bottega Veneta brand, but when we do, you can be certain that we’re featuring a stunning handbag.

Bottega Veneta just released a new shoulder bag – the Olimpia Bag. I love the name, it’s quite unique, but the design is even more interesting.

You can have it in the classic intrecciato nappa print, but you can also choose one of the impressive embroidered designs.


Like this one, the decoration is called ‘mist’ and it basically represents small flowers in darker shades for the upcoming fall winter seasons. The bag is refined with strong chain strap and a front flap. The interior comes with two compartments and fitted with a zip pocket. Your daily essentials can be structured easily inside and there is plenty of room.

Bottega Veneta leathers are impeccable, the design are elegant, feminine and ideal for casual and for work. The Olimpia Bag comes in three different sizes; the baby size is measured 15 x 22 x 8 (H x W x D) cm and priced at $2030 USD or €1850 euro, the small size is measured 17 x 25 x 7,5 cm (H x W x D) cm and priced at $2470 USD or €2250 euro, the medium measured 30 x 21,5 x 10 (W x H x D) cm and priced at $2800 USD or €2550 euro via Bottega Veneta Tote Bag Replica Replica boutiques.

Vlad and I have had the joy of visiting with the Bottega Veneta artisans at work three times now — after in Italy, once in the NYC flagship, and in October in Bergdorf Goodman.The experience is something to behold and it helps showcase the workmanship that goes into creating a Bottega Veneta bag and proceeds to show me why I really like my own Bottega Veneta bags so much; not only are they beautiful to look at but also they’re produced by hand, and that can’t be said for many bags. This bag is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman along with also a limited edition. Cost is $3,500 and you can buy each version here: pink, yellow, black, red, blue, and grey. Bottega Veneta is a Italian brand specializing in handcrafted leather goods. Michele Taddei based Bottega Veneta in 1966 with the goal of highlighting the traditions of Italian leather craftsmen.Soon after the brand was launched, the Bottega Veneta artisans developed a leather weaving technique called “intrecciato” that has been a signature of the brand ever since. The business has always sought to emphasize construction and materials over monograms and logos; Bottega Veneta’s famous slogan is “in which your own initials are sufficient.” Bottega Veneta has designed a plethora of well-loved bag layouts like the Knot Clutch, the Cabat Tote, and the Veneta Hobo bag all of which have become brand staples.













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