Gucci Purses &The Classic Chicago Look

Chicago Look

“Dear Isa,

I’m in love with that care-free and sassy Chicago look but every time I try to pull it off people look at me strange – I’ve even had guys laugh at my attempts! Can you help me out?

The Chicago look is about an attitude – it’s not about the Perfect replica Gucci handbags or the shoes but the whole outfit and the confidence you exude in wearing it. If you got a few smirks, it might have been because you weren’t comfortable with the look you were going with. Here are a few examples of the Chicago style for inspiration – think men’s hats, long jackets, scarves, lots of bracelets, and layers.


And here are a few Gucci purses that may fit the bill. All Gucci purses have that rustic-meets-classy feel that is just what you’re after, but the actual bag you choose has to reflect your own personal style.

Gucci Vintage Web Boston Replica Bag

Chicago Look

Are you a Replica GG Vintage Web Boston bag gal? Why not pair it with a subtle western hat like this mini Stetson – it’s urban and savvy as a match and with the right attitude there’s nothing bumpkin about it.

Or maybe you’re more of a woven-white leather fake Gucci Snaffle bag for woman? Why not something like this outfit – a little edgy, a little school girl, a little hippy chic… it’s all about who you are and how you want to accentuate it, that’s how they roll in Chicago!

Gucci Black Positano Medium Leather Replica Tote

Chicago Look

If you’re a sexy Positano black leather gal, check out this flowing black coat and red hat combo – it’s all about mystique.

Gucci Snaffle Bit Medium Shoulder Replica Bag

Chicago Look
If you like one of these Gucci purses as much as I do, here is the perfect place!

Chicago Look

I say, get back on your bicycle and ride again…on a Chicago-style vintage cruiser!!!!


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