Replica Balenciaga Cover Giant Envelope,

Balenciaga Cover Giant Envelope

Why can`t all designers be Balenciaga? I`m sick of second-rate design houses pretending that they have “new exciting ideas” and making plain ugly bags. Balenciaga understands that innovation should be subtle and refined, and that you should NEVER compromise elegance in your attempts to be modern and hip.

The Balenciaga Cover Giant Envelope is a perfect example of this. All of you other designers take note: this bag is edgy, exciting, and new without sacrificing any of Balenciaga`s classic sense of elegance. I love the subtle punk rock flavor that gets imbued in this bag (largely through the metal hardware) and the plush, luxurious lambskin. And, best of all, this bag is lightweight and a pleasure to hold. As much as I place primary importance on the appearance of a bag, it need to function well and feel great; this bag does both.

It is because of bags like this that I write this blog. I don`t want to see another clutch unless it can go toe-to-toe (or tote-to-tote) with this stunning Balenciaga handbag.

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